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For over 30 years, the NJW group has served many satisfied government and commercial clients.  Our innovative human capital management services are strategically aligned to meet today's business challenges.   We endeavor to be your full-service, one-stop partner for all of your staffing needs.   The hallmark of our services is our rapid response to our customer's needs with highly experienced business, technical and specialists selected to fulfill your unique business requirements and processes.



Why Partner With Us?

It has often been said that your greatest resources walk out of the door each night.  Selection and retention of human capital is critical for all companies large and small.  Therefore, you need to be careful how you select and recruit resources that drive your mission-critical processes.  This is where the NJW Group comes in.  We are specialists at helping you manage your staffing costs, maintain your productivity, increase efficiencies and provide world-class customer service.  Our selection and recruiting process minimizes the impact on your team and delivers the right person for the right job at the right time saving you both time and money.


The NJW Difference

When selecting a strategic human capital firm, the market provides you with many options.  How do you distinguish the BEST from the rest?  Our difference is clear.



  • We offer a strategic recruitment and on-boarding process fine-tuned to drive bottom line results for Education, Financial, government, and Transportation organizations.


  • We are an established leader with the ability to deliver solutions designed to help meet the challenges faced by today's businesses including an increased talent shortage and aging workforce.  


  • We build strong client relationships through the alignment, customization, and adaption of talent to meet changing demands.


  • We fulfill each client's specific request to provide the most experience, culturally diverse talent resources available.  Our interdisciplinary team is ideal for working on custom solutions tailored to the client.



Our advanced recruitment process includes a comprehensive interview and screening process.  We conduct thorough reference checks and background checks to learn as much as we can about each candidate before presenting them to you.  Our extensive pre-screening process helps to ensure the right fit for your project and compatibility with your corporate environment saving you time and money.


We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your human capital needs.  Contact us today for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you!